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Face Covers & Bandanas

​​​​​​​Suddenly the whole world needs face coverings!  

But why be boring ?  

We have a great selection of patterns available to brighten up your outfits, in ladies, gents and unisex designs.

In 100% COTTON, these  face coverings are individually and  carefully made in Cornwall, to a high standard and can be easily laundered.   

They are  made in double layered cotton with pleats and expand to be sizeable and comfy once on your face.  They also come with a handy 'nose wire'   which really does make the wearing of them for any prolonged amount of time so much more comfortable and easy.   You don't HAVE to use the nose wire, its up to you, but it is easily inserted into the top binding of the face cover at the bridge of the nose.   Just remove for laundering, and pop into your 2nd face cover to use, whilst your first one is in the wash.    Just a couple of weeks ago  i knew nothing about face covers, filters, nose wires, pleats, and now look at us!   EASY AND STYLISH! 

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